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Wild Honey 
Guaranteed 100% Pure  Wild Honey or Full Refund plus ₱100 Additional

  • Do you know that real wild honey from our rural forest, aside from its health benefits, is also delicious?
  • Thousands are continuously misled into buying fake honey  even though they have been using it for years.

Price per grams

Organic Coconut Tree Wine Vinegar

1/2 liter of pure organic coconut tree wine vinegar. No additives, no water, completely pure Best for paksiw na isda

95 per bottle for 1/2 liter

Organic Unpolished Brown Rice 2 kilos per pack

Source: PECUARIA DEVELOPMENT Cooperative, Inc. Bula Camarines Sur — certified organic by Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (OCCP).

 ₱ 230for 2 kilos

Coconut Tree Sap Sugar 200 grams

100% all natural. Made from pure coconut sap, boiled to perfection and turned into golden brown granules. It is best for puto bumbong, suman and coffee.

₱ 110  for 200 grams

Muscovado Sugar 500 grams

100% all natural sugar from cane. Muscovado had golden brown color because of the molasses found in its sugar crystals. This imparts natural color and a unique flavor that is also rich in essential minerals and nutrients. Muscovado sugar is best for                                                                                        your brewed coffee. It is also good for your                                                                                        baking and native delicacies.

95 for 500 grams

Roasted Peanuts

No Salt • No Sugar • No MSG No Cooking Oil Used
Healthy • Delicious

Price per grams

Organic Peanut Butter

No Sugar • No Cream
Pure peanut with a little coconut oil

Price per grams

Chocolate Tablea Pure 

100% pure cacao roasted and grounded. No Sugar.

 ₱ 260.00 / bottle (30 pcs tablea)

Chocolate Tablea Pure 

100% pure cacao roasted and grounded. No Sugar.

 ₱ 75.00 / packed (9 pcs tablea)

Orange Juice

    • 100% natural orange juice
    • Made from concentrate
    • No preservatives
  • Product of Belgium

88 for 1 liter

Bugtaw Brew Coffee

  • 100% Premium organic coffee beans

290 for 250g Whole beans granule Bugtaw Brew

Bugtaw Brew Instant Coffee

  • 100% Premium organic instant coffee 

280 for 10g x 10 sachet Instant Bugtaw Brew

Native Organic Chicken Eggs

  • Source: From Batangas
  • Note: Ang palatandaan ng tunay na native at organic ay hindi siya malansa kahit higupin mo ng hilaw.

 105 for every 6 pcs

Coconut Charcoal 1 – kilo

  • Smokeless
  • High-heat
  • 1 to 2 hours ember (baga).
  • Easy to fire (madaling sindihan).
  • Environmentally friendly because it does not use wood but from young coconut (buko) waste taken from public market.
  • One kilo of coco charcoal can grill 5 kilos of fish or meat.

56 for 1 kilo